Reviews File

Ratings defined

Poor = needs further incubation
Fair = check the library
Recommended = buy if a fan of the genre
Highly Recommended = for anyone/everyone
Must Read = a book to physically assault the pretentiously eclectic with

Abercrombie, Joe - The Blade Itself [Must Read]
Abercrombie, Joe - Before They Are Hanged [Must Read]
Abercrombie, Joe - Last Argument of Kings [Must Read]
Abraham, Daniel - Shadow & Betrayal (omnibus- Shadow in Summer and Betrayal in Winter) [Must Read]
Abraham, Daniel - An Autumn War [Must Read]
Abraham, Daniel - The Price of Spring [Poor to Fair]
Bakker, R. Scott - The Judging Eye [Highly Recommended]
Barclay, James - Cry of the Newborn [Recommended]
Barclay, James - Shout for the Dead [Recommended]
Barclay, James - Dawnthief [Fair]
Barclay, James - Noonshade [Fair]
Barclay, James - Nightchild [Fair]
Barclay, James - Elfsorrow [Highly Recommended]
Barclay, James - Shadowheart [Highly Recommended]
Barclay, James - Demonstorm [Highly Recommended]
Berg, Carol - Transformation [Highly Recommended]
Berg, Carol - Revelation [Highly Recommended]
Berg, Carol - Restoration [Highly Recommended]
Brown, John D. - Servant of a Dark God [Highly Recommended]
Bynum, Laura - Veracity [Recommended]
Connington, Jon - Field of Fire [Highly Recommended]
Cook, Glen - The Swordbearer [Recommended]
Deas, Stephen - The Adamantine Palace [Recommended]
Del Toro, Guillermo (with Chuck Hogan) - The Strain [Recommended]
Duncan, Dave - The Reluctant Swordsman [Fair]
Duncan, Dave - The Coming of Wisdom [Fair]
Enge, James - Blood of Ambrose [Recommended]
Esslemont, Ian C. - Return of the Crimson Guard [Highly Recommended]
Gemmell, David - Legend [Must Read]
Hamilton, Peter F. - The Reality Dysfunction [Highly Recommended]
Hoffman, Paul - The Left Hand of God [Recommended]
Hogan, Chuck (with Guillermo Del Toro) - The Strain [Recommended]
Karr, John A. - Rhone [Recommended to Highly Recommended]
Marino, J.C. - Dante's Journey [Recommended]
May, Julian - Conqueror's Moon [Highly Recommended]
May, Julian - Ironcrown Moon [Fair to Recommended]
McKinley, Robin - The Blue Sword [Recommended - for YA]
Merciel, Liane - The River Kings' Road: A Novel of Ithelas [Highly Recommended]
Parker, K.J. - Devices and Desires [Highly Recommended]
Parker, K.J. - Evil for Evil [Highly Recommended]
Parker, K.J. - The Escapement [Highly Recommended]
Stackpole, Michael A. - Talion: Revenant [Highly Recommended]
Taber, Colin - The Fall of Ossard [Poor]
Whitney, D.R. - The Last Princess & the Cup of Immortality [D.N.F. (did not finish)]
Williams, Tad - Shadowrise [Must Read]
Wolfe, Gene - Severian of the Guild (omnibus- The Book of the New Sun) [Must Read]