Wednesday, March 7, 2012

School's out!!!

Many events have conspired to keep me from the ways in which I once used to burn through 'free' time. Foremost among them, full-time attendance in graduate school, is now over. Yesss!!

I will have some reviews to go up, but I will also alter how some are done. Books that are new, widely discussed, or especially good in my opinion; will get the full review treatment. Everything else will get the something much less detailed. I am considering posting those under the tag of 'Short shrift,' unless I, or anyone else, can think of something better. I will also have reviews appearing at SBR again, as well as occasional reviews at SFFWorld.

Reading sci-fi (extremely limited amounts) and fantasy fiction has introduced me to many interesting people on the internet, and I would like to revive the Sunday Night Spotlight interviews, as well.

First up in terms of books will be a quick review of Michelle (Sagara) West's Sacred Hunt duology, probably to appear here and at SBR. In terms of SNS interviews, I have several people already in mind that I think would make for great conversations, at least among the SF&F crowd.


Bryce L. said...

Congrats! I'm done with school in May FOREVER!! And then there's just that pesky bar. I can't believe how good that must feel. Welcome back too. :)

PeterWilliam said...

You'll trash that exam, no worries. I've got to admit, its an awesome feeling. I will never again underestimate the value of a "free" hour.

Bryce L. said...

Oh I bet! How are the little guys doing? I don't know if I told anyone on SFFWorld yet, but we recently found out we're having twins in August. Ahhhh! :D

PeterWilliam said...

My oldest, Dominic, will be 3 in August and the youngest, Lorenzo, will be 1 in July. They are everything to us. You guys are about to seriously expand though, wow!!

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