Monday, May 9, 2011

On Sabbatical...kinda

I have been away as a result of numerous things. Alongside the minutiae of the day-to-day, I have since begun school full-time, as well as work full-time. I am working on a master's degree to brighten my horizons in the "new economy." Also, there is going to be another addition to the family in mid-July. Thus, I have been a scrambling fool with increasingly less time to accomplish things.

I think I may have finally acclimated to the pace, however. Though my amount of reading time has significantly decreased, I hope to be able to bring forth a couple of reviews each month. Per usual, my review will also appear at Speculative Book Review. In a not so usual turn of events, my reviews may begin to appear elsewhere also, but we shall have to see.

By the beginning of spring, in 2012, I hope to be tearing it up all over the place.


Rob said...

Good luck with the new arrival sir. As usual keep up the good work.

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