Thursday, April 1, 2010

On-line book store launches

While exercising my world-renowned productivity (i.e. screwing around) over at the SFFWorld forums, I received a private message about a month ago. Josh (aka, werewolv2) asked me if I could put a little something together for his store's launch on April Fool's. Hey, if somebody has the stones to ask me a favor, and I have the time and resources to perform it, then I definitely have the stones to agree to it.

W & D Books, the name of Josh and his family's store, is running an offer through the 20th that will be quite the nice surprise for some lucky sod. You'll have to check his site for qualifying details, but orders placed will automatically enter the customer in a drawing. The winner will receive an ARC of either The Devil in Green, by Mark Chadbourn, or Blood of the Mantis, by Adrian Tchaikovsky. Better still, shipping starts at 99¢. W & D Books runs their point-of-sale through PayPal.

Seriously, if you don't like the heavy-handedness of Amazon, stop by the site of a true book fan, and his family, trying to blaze their own trail in life. It may not be The Book Depository yet, but remember that you read about it here, because I'm betting it's here to stay.


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