Wednesday, April 14, 2010

David Gemmell Legend Award

Somewhere around here, I have previously written about the David Gemmell Legend Award and why I like it. Well, its that time of year again. As previously noted, the short list is up, so go and vote. I'll drop you a hint...I voted for the author that should have won last year.

Anyway, Jeff and James discuss the pros and cons surrounding the DGLA. So check out James' post and then stop by and read Jeff's rebuttal. Great guys and good points, but I just want to see Abercrombie swinging a life-size replica of Snaga around an elegant environment like some kind of wild drunkard (although he could be the real thing - you never know).

ETA: After I finished posting this yesterday, there were a couple of additional developments. Gav, after having read James' post, also had a rebuttal. Last, but certainly not least, Larry circumnavigated the topic in a far more broad, if not peripheral, fashion.


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