Monday, April 26, 2010

YA Review

I have been reading several books off my traditional beaten path of late. One that I did recently finish, and does have a home in the realm of fantasy fiction, is Robin McKinley's The Blue Sword. When I first began combing through the threads on SFFWorld, looking for books to place on a wish list, this book came up. After looking it over I was intrigued, despite the YA label. I do not dislike YA, it just isn't something that I can connect with anymore. If you are looking for a good, age appropriate YA tale, this is a great candidate. I posted a review of this work over at Speculative Book Review.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

David Gemmell Legend Award

Somewhere around here, I have previously written about the David Gemmell Legend Award and why I like it. Well, its that time of year again. As previously noted, the short list is up, so go and vote. I'll drop you a hint...I voted for the author that should have won last year.

Anyway, Jeff and James discuss the pros and cons surrounding the DGLA. So check out James' post and then stop by and read Jeff's rebuttal. Great guys and good points, but I just want to see Abercrombie swinging a life-size replica of Snaga around an elegant environment like some kind of wild drunkard (although he could be the real thing - you never know).

ETA: After I finished posting this yesterday, there were a couple of additional developments. Gav, after having read James' post, also had a rebuttal. Last, but certainly not least, Larry circumnavigated the topic in a far more broad, if not peripheral, fashion.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More Williams

Read The Burning Man last weekend. It is a short story by Tad Williams in the Legends anthology (Tor, ©1998, edited by Silverberg). It is a tragic tale told by an elderly woman reminiscing over a pivotal event from her life.

In light of recently finishing Shadowrise, it was very interesting to go back and read something that was new to me, but from the author's past. I would say that I detect a difference, within the story, from more recent Williams fare, but wonder if that's only because I know there is a separation of, roughly, a decade.

Regardless, that story alone made the anthology well worth the purchase, even though I originally purchased it to read through everything I could find regarding Silverberg's Majipoor series.

Blogroll Adds

This past week I've added a few links to the blog roll. They are:
Edi's Book Lighthouse - this is Bona Fide (aka, ediFanoB from Only The Best)
Scrying the Fantastic - a collection of blogging heroes dedicated to cataloging upcoming releases

Stop by and enjoy yourselves.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The finalists are...

I'm going to say go ahead and view this on full screen, otherwise it's difficult to read. Just click on the button with four oblique arrows at the bottom-right.

Friday, April 2, 2010


That's right, we've a Public Service Announcement regarding the David Gemmell Legend Awards. I received the email this very day and it states:

Just to let you know that the Shortlists for the Morningstar, Ravenheart & Legend will be announced via video podcast ON THE DGLA WEBSITE on Easter Sunday!

That's right, you, our great, supportive Members will get the scoop FIRST! Cos we luv ya! ;-)

When it comes to covering the awards beat, this is the only one that comes up on my radar, for reasons previously stated somewhere around here.

All hands, stand by for short list announcements.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

On-line book store launches

While exercising my world-renowned productivity (i.e. screwing around) over at the SFFWorld forums, I received a private message about a month ago. Josh (aka, werewolv2) asked me if I could put a little something together for his store's launch on April Fool's. Hey, if somebody has the stones to ask me a favor, and I have the time and resources to perform it, then I definitely have the stones to agree to it.

W & D Books, the name of Josh and his family's store, is running an offer through the 20th that will be quite the nice surprise for some lucky sod. You'll have to check his site for qualifying details, but orders placed will automatically enter the customer in a drawing. The winner will receive an ARC of either The Devil in Green, by Mark Chadbourn, or Blood of the Mantis, by Adrian Tchaikovsky. Better still, shipping starts at 99¢. W & D Books runs their point-of-sale through PayPal.

Seriously, if you don't like the heavy-handedness of Amazon, stop by the site of a true book fan, and his family, trying to blaze their own trail in life. It may not be The Book Depository yet, but remember that you read about it here, because I'm betting it's here to stay.