Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's on like Don Juan, baby!

Ok, people. We're going live. Specifically, Tyson (of State of Review), Yagiz (of Between Two Books), Cara (murf61, up on Posterous), Victoria (of the Great White North, :D) and myself (of Asshattedness). We are up with a collaborative endeavor titled Speculative Book Review. For now, it will be hosted on blogger. In fact, there are already a couple of reviews up. With a bit of luck, I'll have something up on it by Thursday.

We hope to have plenty of reviews, interviews, round table discussions on certain books, some guest posts and upcoming cover art. Special thanks to folks like Ken, Rob, Pat, Aidan, Bryce, Alec, ediFanoB, Adam and Mark Yon who, without knowing it, encouraged me to go at this a bit more seriously. Oh, I'll still be around here as often as ever (i.e. intermittently-to-not much). It's just that, while here, I'll be going far LESS seriously and much more extemporaneously. Maybe I'll use this to really get some writing done. You know, put up a few scenes so people can take a few kicks at me.

I'm kickin' like a chicken, baby! Feelin' like Terry Tate. WHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!


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