Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What's goin' down in PW-town

There are some very interesting things afoot.

First, Bryce Lee, AKA Seak of The Stamp, will be contributing on a weekly basis over at Only the Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy. Bryce is remarkably friendly, funny and upbeat. All of which are personality traits that are difficult to display on the internet. Congratulations to OtB SF&F and Bryce.

Second, Magemanda, of Floor to Ceiling Books, has a riotous interview with Sam Sykes, debut author of Tome of the Undergates.

Third, I'm procrastinating. I've finished Daniel Abraham's Long Price Quartet. I've even mentally composed the interview of the final installment, The Price of Spring. I just can't bring myself to type it up yet. I'm in completely uncharted territory with my view of this book, and the entire series as a result. Not necessarily a good thing.

If I can face the task tomorrow, I'll see you then. I'm off to hit up the DVR for the two hours worth of season premiere I have waiting for me from Lost.


Seak (Bryce L.) said...

Thanks Pete. If I'm half as friendly, funny, and upbeat as you, then I'll count that as a job well done. :)

I have to say that you're scaring me with The Price of Spring. I'm still waiting for my copy of Betrayal in Winter (hopefully this week), but I can't wait for the review.

Have fun with Lost, you deserve it.

PeterWilliam said...

Lost was fun. Don't be too scared re: >The Price of Spring, since mine will be a minority, dissenting opinion. Moreover, Abraham is an excellent author. The final book in this series just backfired, for me.

Seak (Bryce L.) said...

That's sad, especially since everything else was so good for you.

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