Saturday, February 6, 2010

For Seak's Sake

Does that guy ever come up with a bad idea? Seriously, after checking his most recent post re: messy index sidebars, I stopped to take a look. Ok, kinda messy. So, here it is - reviews filed by author name.

ETA: 02/17/2010 - I change/revise ratings as I feel like it. I'm capricious, whimsical and reserve the right to be inconsistent as all hell. I am an empire of one!

ETA: 02/18/2010 - I've created a separate page (top of left column) for the Reviews' File.


Seak (Bryce L.) said...

Hahahahaha. You crack me up. :D

What you don't realize is that I've been stealing all my ideas from you and other bloggers who actually know what they're doing.

james m. toburen said...

I've seen the sidebar of doom on several sites. I'm a big fan of creating an index of links for all of your reviews. Not sure if blogspot allows that or not.

For an example (not sure if one is really necessary, but why not?), check out:

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