Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Things 'n Stuff

I've added a couple of links on the blogroll. Recently, I had the good fortune to correspond, briefly, with N. R. Alexander about his blog. Its quite nice and worth the view. Since I rarely view blogs other than Graeme's (you had to be there), I saw his update and was stunned to realize I've not yet put up The Yeti. My mistake. Also, thanks to Graeme, via Aidan, I took a look at Amanda's Floor to Ceiling Books, another nice blog. So, they're up: all three.

That took me into a side project I've been meaning to work on. I've noticed that some of my links to author's sites/blogs/whatever were less than effective in directing someone to anything of true interest about the author. I've gone through and sanitized those. I have to thank Ken for actually spurring me into doing that with his find on the new Stover link. In going through those, however, I found a note of interest on Donaldson's site, dated 05 JAN 2010.

Both my US and my UK editors have officially indicated that AATE meets with their approval. They are now surrendering the text to the machinery that produces books (starting with copyeditors), working with artists and art departments for cover designs, and planning for publication in October 2010 (specific dates yet to be determined). They are also adjusting to my announcement that I will NOT do an author tour for this book. Author tours take too much out of me, and I need my very best for "The Last Dark".

My webmaster and I (but mostly my webmaster) are working on a "trailer" for AATE. We should have one ready before too much longer. And when I receive permission from my editors to do so, I'll post the first chapter (as I've done with the previous two books). Other news as it develops.


N. R. Alexander said...

Sorry the correspondance was so brief, Peter - I got ever so tied up in blogging and then reading more so I could blog about it. Quite the vicious cycle, but I've loving it despite myself so far.

Couldn't ever quite learn to love Donaldson myself, despite being gifted the first Unbeliever books a good few years ago. It all got so... depressing. Is it worth me pushing on, do you think? Bear in mind that I'm a slow reader and there's a good lot for me to catch up on, now. Is the payoff up to overcoming all those caveats?

PeterWilliam said...

Mmmm, tough to say. It depends on how far into the series you got. Chances are, that further reading of it won't change your opinion though. A lot of people end up looking at Donaldson and the Covenant Chronicles the same way that you have described, so its no serious loss.

I like some solid action as much as the next reader, but my All-Time faves include Tolkien, Donaldson and Tad Williams. I'm nearly finished the first book of The Long Price quartet and I may be putting Abraham with my other three All-Time faves.

N. R. Alexander said...

High praise, that recommendation. I'll be keeping my eyes out for these Long Price books, at least. I keep hearing about Daniel Abraham...

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