Thursday, December 24, 2009

New Arrivals

Thanks to publicist Sarah Reidy at Simon & Schuster, I've just received a book and an ARC.

The book in question is Veracity by Laura Bynum. The dustcover displays testimonials from Greg Bear, Elizabeth Moon, Jeff Carlson and Larry Beinhart.

The ARC is Liane Merciel's The River Kings' Road: A Novel of Ithelas. On its front cover, the ARC bares a testimonial from L.E. Modesitt, Jr.

Laura Bynum
Pocket Books, 2010
ISBN: 978-1-4391-2334-8

Blurb: In the tradition of Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale, Laura Bynum has written an astonishing debut novel, a bold and incendiary vision of a chilling, all-too-plausible future in which speech is a weapon and security comes at the highest price of all.

Harper Adams was six years old in 2012 when an act of viral terrorism wiped out one half of the country's population. Out of the ashes rose a new government, the Confederation of the Willing, dedicated to maintaining order at any cost. The populace is controlled via government-sanctioned sex and drugs, a brutal police force known as the Blue Coats, and a device called the slate, a mandatory implant that monitors every word a person speaks. To utter a Red Listed, forbidden word is to risk physical punishment or even death.

But there are those who resist. Guided by the fabled "Book of Noah," they are determined to shake the people from their apathy and ignorance, and are prepared to start a war in the name of freedom. The newest member of this resistance is Harper - a woman driven by memories of a daughter lost, a daughter whose very name was erased by the Red List. And she possesses a power that could make her the underground warriors' ultimate weapon - or the instrument of their destruction.

The River Kings' Road
Liane Merciel
Gallery Books, 2010
ISBN: 978-1-4391-5911-8

Blurb: In the tradition of Robin Hobb and Greg Keyes comes a stunning epic adventure from a thrilling new voice in fantasy. Liane Merciel's The River Kings' Road takes us to a world of bitter enmity between kingdoms, divided loyalties between comrades, and an insidious magic that destroys everything it touches...

A fragile period of peace between the eternally warring kingdoms of Oakharn and Langmyr is shattered when a surprise massacre fueled by bloodmagic ravages the Langmyrne border village of Willowfield, killing its inhabitants - including a visiting Oakharne lord and his family - and leaving behind a scene so grisly that even the carrion eaters avoid its desecrated earth. But the dead lord's infant heir has survived the carnage - a discovery that entwines the destinies of Brys Tarnell, a mercenary who rescues the helpless and ailing babe, and who enlists a Langmyrne peasant - a young mother herself - to nourish and nuture the child of her enemies as they travel a dark, perilous road...Odosse, the peasant woman whose only weapons are wit, courage, and her fierce maternal love - and who risks everything she holds dear to protect her new charge...Sir Kelland, a divinely blessed Knight of the Sun called upon to unmask the architects behind the slaughter and avert war between ancestral enemies...Bitharn, Kelland's companion on his journey who conceals her lifelong love for the Knight behind her flawless archery skills and whose feelings may ultimately be Kelland's undoing...and Leferic, an Oakharne lord's bitter youngest son whose dark ambitions fuel the most horrific acts of violence. As one infant's life hangs in the balance, so too does the fate of thousands - while deep in the forest, a Maimed Witch practices an evil bloodmagic that could doom them all...


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