Friday, October 23, 2009


Man, am I tired. With a 2½-month old doing his thing and six medical office building budgets coming down on me, I'm beat, but finally caught up. I've only got ~50p remaining in book two of Dave Duncan's Seventh Sword series and then I'll have a review up. I'm also working on a couple different question sets for the Sunday Night Spotlight.

Otherwise, I recently became a bit more aware of a particular author. My interest became piqued and I looked a little deeper into the author's bibliography, while reading trusted sites for reviews of his work. I stop and wonder, "How do I miss out on this?" The only answer I can arrive at, was that there is insufficient "buzz" about this author to draw my attention.

On his own blog, S. A. Swann has this recent blog title, "My cover can kick your cover's ass."

I love the sense of humor. So, I start looking around and, guess what? There are plenty of reviews out there, from reviewers I trust, and I still couldn't say that I had read any Swann. For instance, Swann's latest book had some fairly decent reviews from Paul and Graeme. Swann has also received a nice review from Rob for Prophets.

Swann has even been up on the radar over at Fantasy Literature and the Hotlist. I was suprised to read, from Pat's entry, that GRR Martin had given the book a testimonial. I doubt GRRM would do that, just for the asking. People can say what they want to about Pat, but there is no debating he is the most viewed SF&F blogger on the web. If Swann is coming up for reading consideration during Pat's extraordinarily limited amount of leisure time, then it must be better than average.

Well, my head is coming out of the sand and I shall be acquiring some Swann material. Anyone visiting this have any familiarity with Swann's work, either SF or Fant Lit? Let me know and give a quick summary and opinion.


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