Saturday, October 31, 2009

Things & Stuff

There are things and stuff going on. Lately, I've been going back and forth with a couple of other bloggers. Harry, over at Temple Library Reviews, put together a Halloween special of bloggers' favorite scary stories. Harry and I go back and forth with conversations and my blog has done, at least, this one favor for me - bringing along someone very interesting to talk to. I've also gone back and forth with 'The Otter', over at his blog. It, too, is a great site. John (AKA, The Otter) is putting together a group of bloggers' favorite book endings. While mine may seem an 'easy' pick, my explanation will hopefully clarify.

Otherwise, I received my first publisher's edition of a book for review. In this instance, I have shelved what I was reading in order to give this book full attention. It was nice to be noticed, so I'll give the book the complete dissection. Initially, I was nervous that I would dislike it and end up having to write up a bad review for it. Currently, I purchase all of my own books, which I thoroughly vet and examine long before committing actual money. In this case, the book (Servant of a Dark God, by John Brown) is a total unknown element for me. Luckily, at ~150p in, it is going rather well. We'll see what we really have once I've finished.

It's that time of year again, so let me scare you with this: PUMPKIN-HEAD (AKA, Milk-Beard, the Pirate).


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