Friday, August 21, 2009

All available units, Stand-By!

Since I returned to reading sf&f on a regular basis, approximately four years ago, I've been using the internet a great deal. First, it was to find something that would grant me the kind of reading experience I had loved in my youth and young adulthood (e.g. LotR, MST, Thomas Covenant). After buying, and wishlisting, hundreds to thousands of titles, I am definitely back into sf&f. Then, I started using the internet to read sf&f blogs and join forum boards. Reading the various posts, blogs and forums, was as much fun as getting a top shelf book recommendation.

Early on, I recognized that the blogs and forums had remarkably distinct personalities on them. Read an Adam Whitehead rant, view a riotous computer generated photo pinned up by James Long or take in the endless and inexhaustible reviews of Liviu Suciu. We are a community, perhaps a family even, based upon the tenor of some of the exchanges (i.e. pissing, moaning, bitching). Even though there is no such thing as a consensus in sf&f fandom, I love it, perhaps because of that. I don't mind the opposing opinions, if only because sf&f fandom has become nearly as interesting as sf&f itself. Hmm, is this an argument for art generating life, if only in a communal sense? Well, don't know, I don't do philosophy.

What I do want to do, however, is a regular spotlight on the recognizable personalities of the vast and broad sf&f community. Starting this weekend, I will begin a post called Sunday Night Spotlight. With the cooperation of bloggers and forum board members all across the internet, I hope to bring to you the personalities that have helped shape the landscape surrounding our favorite genre. The post won't necessarily be a weekly one, but will come in on Sunday nights whenever I've a new interview to post.

In case I don't see you until then, see you Sunday.


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