Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Reflection and introspection

There is a bit of a storm sweeping through certain corners of the blogosphere. I won't spend any time here recapping the issue, but if you track the evolution of the issue from Aidan Moher's post, you should be able to find the significant portions of the discussion, debate or whatever you want to call it.

For me, it was great to get Aidan's thoughts on the matter in such a frank and honest manner. As is obvious from any examination of this blog, the experience is new to me. In that context, I struggle with precisely what direction to take this rudderless ship. Having had some time to digest Aidan's post, I've reflected upon my own efforts here. I'm comfortable not having Pete's Blog of the Fallen or Pete's Fantasy Hotlist. I realize, I don't necessarily want to be on publisher's ARC lists. I would prefer to read the books that have captured my attention and talk all the nonsense that's unfit to print.

After all, I never expected, or sought, a wide readership. This was just supposed to be an exercise designed to enforce some regular writing discipline upon my lazy backside. To sit on story notes, characters and plot threads for twelve, fifteen, even twenty years, is no way to tell that story. While it may be easier for me to daydream such nonsense, the rubber must hit the road one day if I will ever be the kind of storyteller I want to be.

Thanks to Aidan Moher for reminding me of what my original target was. I'd love to have that journey end with this.


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